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  • Pentax K-3 impressions

    19 photos

    Unlike usual I waited entire year for K-3 to get cheaper before I decided to buy it. Well, Nokia Lumia 1020 had contributed for me not wanting another heavy DSLR box for quite some time, but I'm happy with K-3 even though I only managed to briefly play with it today.

    During my first outdoor photo set K-3 focus only missed one shot out of 60 captured, so I'm very pleased with the way camera focuses. Of course I've given him focus priority over framerate to see best focus at the cost of some frames missed. There are settings for AF.A (automatic focus) mode to allow 1) frame rate priority, 2) no priority, 3) focus priority in mind. I'd shot with the latest, because from my previous Pentax cameras I sometimes ended up with a bunch of misfocused pictures. Wow K-3, just wow!!!

    I feel there are definitely a Ricoh touch to this camera rather than what we used to expect from Pentax, in terms of history of lousy focus, but there are so much great things from Pentax as well. I shall empasize on its best aspects in my next shootouts in the real field conditions.


  • Summer 2014

    13 photos

  • Spring 2014

    19 photos

  • Mobile Uploads (!)

    51 photos

  • Joonas (2011)

    12 photos

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  • Tsiitovend (2011)

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  • Fame (2011)

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  • Serpent (2008)

    2 photos

    Initial photosessions with model Serpent in 2008.

  • Simple Session (2006)

    11 photos

    Lovely little set, unfortunately I missed most exciting scenes for the fault of my *istDL DSLR. This camera just wasn't made for action shots, especially paired with FA 28-90mm lens.

  • Gert (2006)

    4 photos